This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating automatic Pause content rules in TheOptimizer Native.

Hint! - When running offers with known conversion postback delays (i.e. Cash on Delivery), you can automatically unblock converting/ profitable contents that may have been blocked by a pause content rule while the conversion or revenue was not yet posted by the network/ advertiser. This way you won't need to go to the list of inactive contents to manually activate converting/ profitable ones, but have the system take care of this automatically.

  1. To create a Pause Contents rule simply go to Rules in the left side panel of your screen and then select + New Rule then select Pause Contents.

  2. Enter a rule name. The rule name does not have to be unique, however we suggest adding a self-explanatory name for easier identification.

  3. Select an existing group or create a new one – Not mandatory.

    Using rule groups will help you keep your rules well-organized for later use.

  4. In the Considering data from select the statistics interval based on which rules will check if conditions are met to trigger the rule’s action.

    This can be set to: Today, Yesterday, Last 3 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days or Last 90 Days.

    Additional explanation - When selecting Today the rule will look only at current day performance and check if the triggering conditions are met or not. While when selecting Last 7 Days, the rule will look at the last 7 days’ performance and check if the triggering conditions are met or not.

  5. Specify one or more rule conditions.

    For each of the conditions included in a rule, you need to specify a threshold value that will trigger a rule action.

    When adding conditions to your rules you can use one of the four available comparison operators: Greater, Less, Greater or Equal or Less or Equal.

    Important Note! -Please note that multiple conditions within a rule are related to each other (this means that all conditions should be met for a rule action to be triggered).

    In case you would like to trigger rule actions on independent metrics (which one of the conditions is first met), please create a separate rule.

    Example: Activate Contents IF Traffic Source Impressions are More Than 20000 AND CTR is Less Than 0.2% AND Tracker ROI is Greater Than 0

  6. In the Apply rule to these selected campaigns specify the campaigns on which you want this rule to run.

  7. Run this rule every specifies the frequency based on which TheOptimizer will analyze statistics to check if conditions are met to trigger the action.

  8. Default rule action Execute & Alert.

    Execute & Alert: When rule conditions are met, TheOptimizer will execute the desired action and send you an alert email including affected items.
    Execute: When conditions are met, TheOptimizer will only execute the desired rule action, but will not send an email alert.
    Alert: When rule conditions are met, TheOptimizer will NOT execute an action, but will just send you an email alert including the detailed items for which rule conditions are met.

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