Q: What traffic sources are currently supported by xOptimizer?
A: Our platform offers support to all mainstream native advertising traffic sources like RevContent, Outbrain, Taboola, MGID and ContentAd.

Q: What tracking platforms are currently supported by TheOptimizer Native?
A: Almost all major tracking platforms used in the performance marketing industry like Voluum, ThriveTracker, FunnelFlux, Binom and AdsBridge are already supported.

Q: How does TheOptimizer communicate with the connected traffic sources and tracking platforms?
A: TheOptimizer uses API connection to communicate with the supported traffic sources and trackers.

Q: How many traffic sources and traffic source accounts can I connect?
A: You can connect an unlimited number of traffic sources, traffic source accounts and trackers to your Native account.

Q: Is TheOptimizer Native showing real-time statistics?
A: Our platform updates campaigns statistics every 10-15minutes. Even though we would love to show real-time statistics to our users, unfortunately due to technical limitations on each traffic source and tracker that is not possible.

Q: Based on how many performance variables can your system deliver automatic campaign optimization?
A: You have the ability to automatically optimize your campaigns using up to 20 different variables.

Q: I am using a redirect server for my campaigns, can I still use TheOptimizer Native?
A: Yes, when using a redirect server for your campaigns you are still able to use our system. For more information please see the article on Manual Connection.

Q: How accurate is the cost and revenue displayed in TheOptimizer?
A: Yes! TheOptimizer Native pulls correct cost from your traffic source and conversion revenue from your tracking platform while making sure to display the correct values.

Q: I don’t use a tracking platform, will I still be able to automate my campaigns optimization process using TheOptimizer?
A: Sure! You can still auto-optimize your native campaigns using traffic source side statistics, however to use TheOptimizer Native at its full potential we recommend using a tracking platform.

Q: Can I automatically change my campaign bids using TheOptimizer?
A: Definitely Yes! For more information on how to automatically change bids on your campaigns please look here.

Q: I have connected my traffic source and tracker but my campaigns aren’t yet visible in TheOptimizer
A: When you first connect your traffic source and trackers, depending on the total number of campaigns on your account it may take up to 20 minutes for the system to pull the information.

Q: I am promoting COD offers and my conversions are not being posted on time by the affiliate network. Can I manually update conversions in TheOptimizer?
A: Of course! Using Manual Stats Update you can refresh your tracker side data including conversion and revenue.

Q: I am sending traffic from more than one traffic source campaign to the same tracker campaign. Will I be able to view accurate statistics for each of these traffic source campaigns?
A: Definitely yes! All you need to do is to make sure that your traffic source campaign id token is present in your campaign's URLs.

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