Various traffic sources have various campaign management practices and because of this, we at TheOptimizer are disposed to provide the same user experience by making this process pretty simple.

In order to exclude a set of publishers or domains from a campaign in Plugrush you need to create and specify a Blacklist. The same logic works with TheOptimizer Mobile as well, so after successfully creating your campaign on Plugrush, follow these 5 easy steps to prevent poor-performing campaigns:

Step 1: Create your campaign on Plugrush.

Step 2: Create a blacklist to attach to your campaign.

To create a blacklist, go to Buy Traffic > Filter Traffic and then click on Create List.

Make sure to give your list a relevant name to your campaign so that you can easily identify it later then select Blacklist, to define the list type you are creating.

Step 3: Assign your newly created blacklist to your campaign.

Simply scroll down to select the campaign you want to assign the list you created on Step 2 and then click Create.

Step 4: Select the Blacklist to send excluded domains using TheOptimizer Mobile.

Once your newly created campaign has been detected and listed in the campaigns' list, simply click on the campaign name to view the campaign’s details.

On the right side of your screen, just above the publisher's table, click on the drop-down traffic filter list and select the list you assigned to your campaign on Step 2 of this guide.

As soon as your campaigns start to receive traffic, publishers that match assigned rules conditions will be automatically sent to this list.

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