If you find yourself in one of the above mentioned or similar cases head to the Manual Campaign Connector and proceed as follows.

1 - Select the Traffic source your missing campaign is running.
2 - Select the Traffic Source Account where your missing campaign is running (in case you have more than one).
3 - Select the tracking platform you are using to track this campaign.
4 - Click Search.

Your traffic source and tracker campaigns will show up in the campaigns list. As you may notice in the example below, not all traffic source campaigns are connected to a tracker campaign.

Find unlinked tracker campaigns in the Tracker Campaigns' list by searching or scrolling in your campaign names area and simply drag and drop to the corresponding unlinked traffic source campaign.

Repeat the task for other unlinked campaigns and then click Save.

The process may take up to 15 minutes to display your manually connected campaigns in the main campaigns' list.

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