In this article you will find a list of the current tracking tokens available for PopAds.

  • [WEBSITEID] - ID of the website that was the source of the popunder (Required)

  • [CAMPAIGNID] - ID of campaign (Required)

  • [CATEGORYID] - ID of the category of traffic source website

  • [CATEGORYNAME] - Name of the category of traffic source website

  • [ISPID] - ID of ISP of visitor

  • [ISPNAME] - Name of ISP of visitor

  • [COUNTRY] - Country of the visitor

  • [QUALITY] - Quality score of the website from which the impression originated

  • [BID] - Price of the impression

  • [SCREENRESOLUTION] - Detected screen resolution of the visitor

  • [OSNAME] - Operating System name, for example Windows 8.1

  • [BROWSERNAME] - Browser name, for example Firefox 32

  • [FORMFACTORNAME] - Form factor name, for example Smartphone or Tablet

  • [DEVICENAME] - Name of the device that visitor uses to browse the Internet, for example Apple iPhone

  • [CAMPAIGNNAME] - Name of campaign

  • [OSID] - ID of Operating System (for future use)

  • [BROWSERID] - ID of Browser (for future use)

  • [FORMFACTORID] - ID of Form Factor (for future use)

  • [DEVICEID] - ID of Device (for future use)

  • [IMPRESSIONID] - Unique ID of the impression. This can be used for troubleshooting/debugging process in case of traffic mistargeting as well as for conversion tracking (S2S)

  • [ADBLOCK] - is set to 1 when visitor uses AdBlock or 0 otherwise

  • [IP] - IP address of the visitor (used for XML feeds)

  • [USERAGENT] - value of User-Agent header of the visitor (used for XML feeds)

  • [LANG] - value of Accept-Language header of the visitors (used for XML feeds)

When connecting your PopAds account to TheOptimizer Mobile, please make sure that required tokens are already configured in your PopAds tracker config.

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