In this article you will find a list of the current tracking tokens available for ExoClick.

  • {src_hostname} - Domain name where the ad is displayed (Required)

  • {campaign_id} - ID of the campaign. (Required)

  • {actual_cost} - The actual CPM/ CPC paid for each impression/ click

  • {category_id} - ID of the category detected

  • {cost} - Cost of click or impression

  • {country} - 3-char country code of the visitor

  • {format} - Banner size. Example: 300ร—250

  • {keyword} - The keyword that was matched in case of campaigns targeting specific keywords

  • {pricing_model} - Pricing model of the campaign (1 = CPC, 2 = CPM, 3 = CPA, 4 = Smart CPM)

  • {site_id} - ID of the site where the ad is displayed

When connecting your ExoClick account to TheOptimizer Mobile, please make sure that required tokens are already configured in your ExoClick tracker config.

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