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This article will guide you through the details needed to connect your Voluum tracker to TheOptimizer Mobile.

After successfully connecting your traffic source accounts on Step 1 of the Account Wizard, you can continue adding the tracking platform of your choice in Step 2. Click Add New then fill in the following information:

- Select Voluum from the tracking platforms list.
- Enter a Nickname for your Voluum tracker so that you can easily identify it later (in case you connect multiple Voluum accounts).
- Enter API Access Key ID generated from your Voluum account.
- Enter API Access Key generated from your Voluum account.

Example below:

Click Save Tracker then continue connecting the traffic source account selected on Step 1 with the account found in your tracker.

Where do I find Access Key ID and Access Key?

1. Sing into your Voluum account.

2. Click the icon (top right screen). Your account data view will show up.

3. Go to the Security tab and scroll down to the Access keys section.

4. Click the Add access key button. The Generate Access Key pop-up window will show up.

- Provide the key name.

- Provide your account password.

- Click the Generate button. The secret access key and access client ID will be generated.

- Once the secret access key and its ID are generated, click the Clipboard button - copy both values, the secret access key and access key ID, and save them locally on your machine.

Voluum Note: Once you have generated the access key, you need to copy and save it. This is the only time when the secret access key is visible to you, thus you need to store it locally to be able to use it with the Voluum API

5. Close the Generate Access Key pop-up window. The access key you have created is added to the list of keys in the Access keys section.

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