What traffic sources are supported by TheOptimizer Mobile?

TheOptimizer Mobile actually supports ZeroPark, Plugrush, PopCash, PopAds and Exoclick.

What tracking platforms are supported by TheOptimizer Mobile?

TheOptimizer Mobile currently supports Voluum, ThriveTracker, Funnel Flux, AdsBridge and Binom tracker.

How many campaigns can I manage with TheOptimizer Mobile?

TheOptimizer Mobile can manage an unlimited number of campaigns.

How often do the statistics update?

The statistics are being updated every 15 minutes.

What are the Time Zones of supported traffic sources?

In order to assure data accuracy and avoid issues related to time zone updates on individual traffic source accounts TheOptimizer Mobile pulls stats based on the following time zones:

ZeroPark - UTC -5
PropellerAds - UTC -5
PopAds - UTC
PopCash - UTC
PlugRush - UTC -5
ExoClick - UTC -5

How often can I execute rules?

You can execute your rules up to every 10 mins.

How can I optimize my campaign using TheOptimizer Mobile?

You can create automatic optimization rules on Campaign and Publisher level in order to pause non-performing ones based on your rule’s conditions.

What conditions can I set when creating a rule?

You can choose between 10 different conditions when creating rules: Impressions, Traffic Source Clicks (visits), Traffic Source Spent, Tracker Clicks (visits), Conversions, Landing Page Clicks, Landing Page CTR, Profit, Revenue and ROI.

Can I add multiple rules to one campaign or assign the same rule to multiple campaigns?

Yes, you can add multiple rules to one campaign as well as attach the same rule to more than one campaign.

I want to optimize my campaign based on specific statistics intervals, can I do it?

Yes, when creating automatic optimization rules, you can select your data Stats Interval to be Today, Yesterday, Last 3 days, Last 7 days, Last 14 days or Last 30 days.

Can I get notified when a specific rule has been executed?

Yes, when creating a rule you can select between three types of rule execution types: Alert, Execute or Alert and Execute. When selecting Alert or Alert and Execute you will get an email notification with the details of the rule execution.

I finished connecting my traffic source and tracker, why aren't my campaigns showing in the dashboard?

When you first connect your traffic source and tracker to TheOptimizer Mobile make sure your campaign has at least one visit and allow up to 15 minutes for your campaigns to show up in the dashboard.

It has passed more than 15 minutes after connecting my traffic source and tracker, why aren't my campaigns showing up yet?

The Optimizer Mobile will only pull campaigns that have at least one campaign visit registered in your tracker, make sure there is at least one visit recorded on your tracking platform.

Are cost and revenue being displayed correctly in TheOptimizer Mobile?

Yes! TheOptimizer Mobile pulls and shows accurate cost from your traffic source and conversion revenue from your tracking platform while making sure to display the correct values.

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