This article will guide you on how to generate a performance report on your campaigns.

These reports, will help you to easily identify good and poor performing variables, while at the same time delivering a better overview of the specific traffic patterns or quality, which will help you build more efficient auto-optimization rules.

To generate a performance report simply go to Reporting on the left side panel of your screen and follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Traffic Source.

  2. Select the Traffic Source Account (in case you have more than one connected account per traffic source).

  3. Select the variable based on which you want to generate your performance report.
    - Widgets
    - Content

  4. Select the desired reporting date range.

  5. Filter the campaigns' selection list based on their actual status (All, Active, Disabled).

  6. Select one or more campaigns that you want to include in this report.

  7. Click Submit.

Report examples below:

Image A - Widget Performance Report

Image B - Contents Performance Report

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