The purpose of these rules is to automatically pause or resume campaigns in order to avoid overspend due to bad performance or budget management.

1. New Campaign - Limited Test Budget

Let's assume that you are launching a new campaign on a new geo/ vertical and for the initial test period you have set a spending limit of $1000 if during the first two weeks the ROI does not get better than -10%. The following rule will take care on automatically pausing your new campaign if the ROI doesn't get better than -10%.

2. New Campaign - Limited Test Budget (Good Performance)

Now, let's assume that after spending around $1001 the campaign was at an ROI of -11%, but not all of your campaign conversions have been posted in time to your tracker and therefore not visible to TheOptimizer Native. In such situation the overall ROI of your campaign may change (especially if you're running a high payout offer). The following rule will help you to automatically resume the campaign once the new remaining conversions are updated on your tracker as well as on TheOptimizer Native.

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