Before you begin: Please keep present that Taboola's default limit of sites with custom bids is 200. This means that you can only have 200 sites with custom bids at any given time.

Trying to change the bid on the 201st site will result in failure, either automatically and manually, or through Taboola's interface.

If you're running big volumes, asking your account manager to increase this limit, would be a good solution.

To automate site bid changes for your Taboola campaigns, all you need to do is to create a Change Site Bid rule and specify the conditions for when you want the change to happen.

For example:

Set the Change Site Bid action to a combination of the following options:

To give you another example, let's consider you want to set the Bid to XX% of your EPC:

As shown in the above example, you set the minimum and maximum bid thresholds avoiding setting bids that would be abnormally low or high.

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