Working With SmartLists

While continuously running and optimizing campaigns, besides purchasing traffic for our offers to convert we also purchase data. Such data and performance insights come at a considerable price when it comes to Native traffic and therefore building and re-using your own lists is the right money-wise move.

By using Smart Lists you can quickly create your own publisher lists either manually or automatically using Rules.

How to create a Smart List?

In order to create a Smart List, simply go to Smart Lists on the left side panel of TheOptimizer Native interface and then click + New List.

In the New Smart List configuration screen you need to specify the following:

Name: Specify a friendly name for the Smart List you are creating.

- Type: Select Blacklist from the drop-down menu

Traffic source: Select one of the connected traffic sources in your account.

Widgets: Leave blank if you would like to create your smart list from scratch or paste in the list of widgets you would like to include to this list.

- Rules Writing to this List: Select the rules based on which this list will be automatically populated. This means that every widget blocked by these rules will be added to this list.

- Campaigns Reading from the List: Select the campaigns that you want to use this list. This means that every selected campaign will automatically blacklist the widget ids present in this list.