Glossary of terms

Dealing with several platforms and their interface language often may lead to misunderstanding certain parameters thus creating a hard to deal environment for most users. Below you may find a list of terms you will encounter in TheOptimizer Mobile user interface and their meanings.

Alert – An e-mail notification sent you the email address associated with users account when a rule is fired.
Execute – Exclusion of a publisher based on rule’s conditions when these are met.
Clicks Traffic Source – Visits or impressions served and counted on the traffic source
Spent Traffic Source – Traffic spent from the traffic source, depending on the interface you are navigating it may be expressed as a total spent per traffic source, campaign or specific publisher for the selected date range.
Clicks Tracker – Visits recorded in your tracker. Depending on the tracking platform you are using it may be expressed as visits, clicks or entrances.
Conversion – A visit that successfully completed the offer goal.
Landing Page Clicks – Clicks recorded on your landing page
Landing Page CTR – Click-through rate of your landing page in percentage.
Profit -  Total generated earnings calculated (Profit = Revenue – Spent)
Revenue – Total generated earnings from offer conversions.
ROI – Return on investment (Formula = (revenue - costs) / costs.
CPA – Cost per Acquisition
Query – The set of one or more logical conditions forming a rule.
Stats interval – The date range interval based on which a rule analyzes data from.
Rotation – The execution frequency of a rule.
Status – The status of a campaign or publisher
Publisher ID – The identification number or character string of a publisher, also known as website id, site id, site, zone id, target, etc.
API - Application Programming Interface is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components or web services.
Blacklist – An list of publishers for which we do not want to receive traffic from.
Whitelist – A specified list of publishers we want to receive traffic from.

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