ZeroPark Tracking Tokens

In this article you will find a list of the current tracking tokens available for ZeroPark.

  • {target} - Sends the target id (Required)
  • {long_campaign_id} - Sends UUID campaign id (Required)
  • {source} - Sends the source id (Required)
  • {keyword} - Sends keywords attached to visitor
  • {match} - Sends the keyword that got you the visit (keyword campaigns only)
  • {cid} - Sends click ID for conversion tracking
  • {traffic_type} - Sends POPUP/DOMAIN
  • {geo} - Sends country code
  • {visitor_type} - Sends ADULT/NON-ADULT
  • {campaign_id} - Sends numeric campaign id
  • {campaign_name} - Sends campaign name
  • {os} - Sends operating system name
  • {browser} - Sends browser name
  • {target_url} - Target URL (POPUP campaigns only)


When connecting your ZeroPark account to TheOptimizer Mobile, please make sure that required tokens are already configured in your ZeroPark tracker config.