PopAds Setup Guide


Please UPDATE your Security Preferences on PopAds in order to be able to use it with TheOptimizer Mobile.

How to update PopAds Security Preferences?

Step 1: Login to your PopAds account
Step 2: Go to Security Preferences
Step 3: Uncheck "Suspicious IP addresses" and "VPN/Proxy"
Step 4: Click Save Settings

Connecting your PopAds account to TheOptimizer Mobile is a simple 3-step process.

1. Go to Account Wizard on the left-side of your screen and click + Add New button. In the new traffic source configuration screen configure the following:

- Traffic Source: Select PopAds from the supported traffic sources list.
- Nickname: Enter a nickname for your Popads account so that it can be easier for you ti identify it later.
- Username: Enter the username you use to login to your Popads account.
Password: Enter the password you use to login to your Popads account.
- API Key: Enter the API Key generated from Popads..

Click Save Traffic Source and continue to the next step.

2. In the 2nd step select a previously configured tracker or add a new one. Click here for a detailed guide on how to configure a specific tracking platform.

3. After successfully connecting your traffic source account and your tracking platform, it is time to connect the traffic source account added on Step 1 with the traffic source configuration on your tracker. 

Select the traffic source found in your tracker's traffic sources list, check required tracking tokens and click Finish.

How can I obtain PopAds API Keys?

In order to generate API Keys for your account follow the below instructions:

Login to your PopAds accountgo to the Account Manager section in the left-side of your screen and click API Keys. This is how your API Keys section should look in case you haven't previously generated them.

Click on Add API Key and in the next screen click Create API Key without making any change to Network, CIDR and Restrict to.

Now you have successfully generated your API keys, simply copy the key string so that you can use it when connecting PopAds to your Optimizer Mobile account.