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Thrive Tracker Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the details needed to connect your Thrive tracker to TheOptimizer Mobile.

After successfully connecting your traffic source accounts on Step 1 of the Account Wizard, you can continue adding the tracking platform of your choice in Step 2. Click Add New then fill in the following information:

- Select Thrive from the tracking platforms list.
- Enter a Nickname for your Thrive tracker so that you can easily identify it later (in case you connect multiple Thrive accounts)
- Enter API Key
- Enter API Secret 
- Enter Security Token
- Enter your Thrive tracker URL

Example below:

How to find Thrive API information.

To find your API information for your tracker you simply need to go to Thrive Tracker ->Settings -> API Access (see image below) or just visit your Thrive installation URL like: https://yourtracker.com/#/apiDocs

In the API Authentication screen you will find the needed information as shown in the image below.



Thrive has an API limit of 600 request per 10 minutes which is easily reached. We strongly recommend that you change the default value and set it to 2400 requests.
You can do this by going to your thrive installation on your server and editing this file: /app/config.inc.php
At the very top of the file , right after <?php add this line:

define('MAX_API_REQUESTS', 2400);