Evadav Setup Guide

Connecting your Evadav account to TheOptimizer Mobile is a simple 3-step process.

1. Go to Account Wizard on the left-side of your screen and click + Add New button. In the new traffic source configuration screen select and configure the following:

- Traffic Source: Select Evadav from the supported traffic sources list.
- Nickname: Enter a nickname for your Evadav account so that it can be easier for you ti identify it later.
- Time Zone: Specify the reporting time zone of your Evadav account.
- Currency: Specify the currency of your Evadav account.
- API Token: Enter the API Token

Click Save Traffic Source and continue to the next step.

2. In the 2nd step select a previously configured tracker or add a new one. For a more detailed guide on how to configure a specific tracking platform click here.

3. After successfully connecting your traffic source account and your tracking platform, it is time to connect the traffic source account added on Step 1 with the traffic source configuration on your tracker.



Where can I find Evadav API Token?

Please contact your account manager or support at Evadav, to obtain your account's API Token